2017 – Emma Lynch

2017 – Emma Lynch

Class of 2017


Favourite Subject in School:

Music & French


Memories of Loreto Crumlin:

Mr. White singing the locker song, sprinting from Irish class at lunch time to get a chocolate muffin from the dining hall, the rumour that Ms. Dempsey had super powers, the freezing cold prefabs in the winter time


My Journey Through Education:

While choosing my subjects during TY to study for the LC, I wasn’t going to pick any kind of science. But for some reason I changed my mind,
and now I’m in my Third Year in UCD studying for my undergrad degree in Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry


My Career Path:

I’m still in education, and I’m quite unsure where I will go afterwards but
that’s okay! A degree in science is so flexible- there’s paths in research labs, the business sector,
food production, makeup production- I’ll see where my path will go when I get to that stage.