Guidance Policy


We in Loreto College, Crumlin Road, celebrate our identity as a Catholic school in the Loreto tradition. Our belief in the immense capacity of the human person for learning inspires us to provide a school which offers students a positive educational experience. Our motto is ‘Many Kinds of Excellence’.

Our Code of Behaviour, Anti-bullying and Child Protection policies underpin our work in education.


The Guidance and Counselling service in Loreto College, provides for the social , educational and vocational development and needs of all its students.

The Guidance Counsellor participates in and coordinates the school guidance and counselling service. This participation can be categorised under three integrated areas of activity :

  • Personal/Social Guidance and Counselling.
  • Educational Guidance and Counselling.
  • Career Guidance and Counselling.

While aiming to provide a wide range of professional expertise, the Guidance Counsellor endeavours to give sensitive care and support to students learning to cope with many facets of their personal development.

In order to provide appropriate guidance to meet the needs of all students in our care, we endeavour to assist students to:
• Develop an awareness and acceptance of their individual talents and abilities.
• Identify and explore personal, educational and career opportunities and pathways to progression.
• Take ownership of their rights and responsibilities enabling them to make informed choices and effectively manage their personal transitions.

Loreto College promotes a school culture which values diversity and aims to balance the needs of all, including those from minority groups, those with special needs and talents, students at risk of early school leaving and/or school refusal, members of the travelling community and students from different ethnic backgrounds. The Equality Acts (1998-2015) outlaw discrimination in a wide variety of areas under the following nine grounds : Gender, Civil Status, Family Status, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Age, Disability, Race, Membership of the Travelling Community.The legislation defines discrimination as treating one person in a less favourable way than another person.


School Profile:

Loreto College, is a DEIS school. An Attendance Officer is employed as part of the School Completion Programme. The school is eligible for a Home School Community Liaison teacher and funding for school meals. The school participates in the Trinity Access Programme and the College for Every Student Programme, also run through Trinity College. With Junior Achievement the school participates in Career Ready which is open to Transition Years and 5th Years; Finance Your Future and Mini Company with Transition Years and Economic Sustaining Schools with 2nd Years. The 5th Year LCVP class is partnered with a company under the Business in the Community initiative.


Whole – School Guidance:

Guidance class is timetabled once weekly for all senior classes from 4th to 6th Year. The Guidance Counsellor takes one class per term with 1st to 3rd Years during the timetabled SPHE class. The Care Team meets once a week and is comprised of the Principal, Deputy Principal, Guidance Counsellor, Chaplain, EAL/Learning Support Teacher , Home School Liaison Officer (HSCL) and School Completion Officer who works with targeted students.A school Chaplain is funded by The Loreto Education Trust Board. A Counsellor is employed for one day a week, with funding from Tusla and the Archdiocese. The Rainbows programme is offered from time to time.

The Learning Support team meets once weekly. It comprises the Special Needs Coordinator, EAL/Learning Support teacher, JCSP Co-ordinator, Deputy Principal and Principal. We work closely with NEPS and the NCSE to ensure that our students get maximum support and benefit from their education. The school has an allocation of Special Needs Assistants who support particular students but who also offer general support from
time to time to students who may need it.

Each class has a designated tutor who also teaches SPHE to that class. There are six Year Heads, one for each year group. Year Heads work closely with tutors, teachers and with the Deputy Principal and Principal to support the wellbeing of their students. The Principal meets weekly with the Guidance Counsellor and Chaplain. The Principal and Deputy Principal meet weekly with the Home School Community Liaison teacher. Ratified by Board of Management 6th February 2017. This Policy will be reviewed in Term (1) 2017/2018