Student Council

The Student Council gives students a voice in matters which affect them. The elected representatives liaise with the student body and raise any issues that concern them with the Principal and Deputy Principal. The Student Council is consulted in policy making and is involved in lots of activities to support the education environment in the school. It meets fortnightly at lunchtime. An agenda is prepared by the students and the issues that arise are discussed and a plan of action is agreed. Two representatives are elected from each year group after a process of being nominated by classmates.

The members of the council for 2020-2021 are:

First year
Dania Filaih
Robyn Gleeson

Second Year
Kerry King
Millie Flanagan

Third Year
Sally-Anne Kavanagh
Marya Shalabi

Fourth Year
China Manola
Kimberly Kelly

Fifth Year
Kieffer Cortez
Sophie O Connor

Sixth Year
Lei Roelle Mabeza
Sagal Adan
Chloe Pingol

Image of the student council members.

Read full details of our Student Council Constitution here

Your Voice – Your Choice. The Student Council Motto has a simple, effective message.