TY Trip to Carlingford

On Thursday, 29th September, the Transition Year pupils marked the end of their first month in Fourth Year with a trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre in Co. Louth.


What followed was a day and a half of fun, action, adventure, bonding and learning together. They had a game of laser tag, worked together to build a raft and had numerous other team challenges which tested each of them to push beyond their comfort zone.
This is the second consecutive year that the Transition Year classes have visited the Adventure Centre in Carlingford. This follows on from the traditional journey westward to the Aran Islands which was the forerunner to this event since 1988.

The highlight for many students in Carlingford was the forest night walk on the Thursday. Our urban girls ventured out into the wilderness with no real knowledge of what lay ahead. It was a very apt metaphor for what they face in Transition Year, with all the excitement and uncertainty that this year entails. If the excitement of Carlingford is also a representation of Transition Year, this class are in for an eventful year ahead.