Trinity Access Programme Ceremony 2016

Eight students from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year were nominated and selected by their teachers owing to their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm throughout the year to attend an Awards ceremony in Trinity College in May to receive well deserved prizes. The nominated students were: Shania Paul, Nivedita Deepu, Eimear Fitzgerald, Nadia Hennessy, Milena Navjalyte, Marika Sadowska and Martina Ibrahm. (pictured left) A special award called the SALTER Sterling medal is also given to a 4th year student, selected by the staff who they feel best embodies the spirit of 4th year and stood out as a role model due to her great attitude and enthusiasm in all areas of 4th year. This was awarded to Erica Kiernan (also pictured left). Trinity Summer School Programme: Three students from fifth year will have the opportunity to attend the Trinity Summer School Programme for a week in June. During this time the students will work in teams on a project of their choice in relation to; web-design, creative writing, film studies or photography. Students chosen are; Valerie Geraldmin, Taylor Roberts, Aywaa Ali Ahmed and Claudia O’Lynn. TAP Chemistry School:  Here one lucky student will attend Trinity for four days where they will undertake in experiments in laboratories, attend science talks and attend social events in the evenings including a ‘Pizza and Quiz’ event. A student is yet to be selected. Walton Stem Club: Emma Kopecka and Fatima Chegrani have been offered a scholarship in which they will attend summer camps for a week. Look out for some of the fun activities that you can take part in next year. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to come find me, Ms Horgan, in Room 28