Trinity Access Bridge to College

By Amany (McKevitt) Alzoubi
The week I spent at Bridge to College, was in short, fantastic. The first day we arrived was mainly breaking the ice with other students. We were split into groups and asked to choose a leader, team song, team name and team motto. My group decided that we’d call the group “All Stars”, that our team song would be “All Stars” by Smashmouth, and our team motto would be “We are all stars”. Very creative, as you can tell.

We took a vote to decide the leader, which led to myself being elected. The leader is in charge of
keeping everyone up to date on what we must complete by the day’s end.

Over the week, we focused on video production. We produced various videos, from an advert for a product we created, to a short film. We had a lot of fun and freedom while making the films, as we could use any of the rooms available to film in. After filming, we learned how to produce our videos. We used platforms such as “Audacity” to transfer music to our videos, and apps like “Canva” to create posters for our products.

During our breaks, there was a range of different activities for us to do. I played countless games of ping pong and Street Fighter against my friends, and when we weren’t in the game room, we were outside playing football against other schools. I’d say we’d make Loreto proud with our fierce participation in matches! Overall, I really enjoyed being in Bridge to College and I think it was a very educating and fun experience!