“My Three Favourite Things in the World”

Below is the speech given by 2nd year student Ekenenna Chukwuewuzie which won her first place in the inter Loreto Junior Public Speaking Competition.

Love Yourself

Hi, my name is Ekenenna and today I will be talking about my three favourite things in the world, and they are: me, myself and I. Yes, not to sound conceited or full of myself, but I’m amazing, just as ‘I’ is amazing, ‘Myself’ is spectacular and can I get a round of applause just for being ‘me’? Too many limitations are put on me. I am fantastic, yet I shouldn’t say it out loud. They are just what we tell ourselves, never say them out loud. Never say I’m perfect because it makes me imperfect. Never truly be you because you are imperfect is what society says. What is perfect? When will I be perfect? should never be a question because I am my favourite thing in the world. My favourite thing is Ekenenna Johanna Chukwuewuzie. There are so many versions of me, not just three, billions and millions, but today I will talk about just three.


Me, myself and I.


I am a girl who challenges perceptions and views, a girl who isn’t girly, a girl who doesn’t care about views at all, and just giving you this speech on why I’m amazing, makes you amazing for listening. I’m my favourite thing in the world and why? Because I choose to tell myself I am every standard of beauty out there. I am just as good as everyone out there. ‘I’ starts every one of my sentences because ‘I’ is the person in my world, and my world is the world, and I choose to make ‘I’ my only reality. I don’t think anything else could be someone’s favourite things or if we should tell people to find hobbies and love thy neighbour, but when do you tell them to love themself?


‘Myself’ is the only self I can count on. In this horrible world, ‘Myself’ is the only thing that doesn’t follow its selfish rules. ‘Myself’ is the only thing that doesn’t follow its selfish rules. Myself can cradle by body in its arms at the darkest time in the darkest places. Because ‘Myself’ is naturally loving, ‘Myself’ cannot see another in pain and be selfish. It cannot sit around at times of conflict and do nothing, say nothing. Myself chooses to love others. Yes, me; me, myself and I are not the only thing in the world. Yet they are my favourite things. Myself connects me to everyone, even you. I love myself for that. She has convinced me to be me.


‘Me’ is my favourite form. Me is my most complex. Me is not my body or myself. It is not like that which is a label. It is who I truly am. ‘Me’ is the side of myself I don’t show a lot. ‘Me’ is my emotions, is what makes me human. ‘Me’ is everything I am and more. It is the endless possibilities I have. It is what makes me have the confidence to stand in front of you, to love me, myself and I. ‘Me’ – I can’t even explain well enough because I don’t know her. I find out more about her every day. I learn about her. She is who I want to become.

I have given you my three points: me, myself and I, and I hope you too will feel how I feel.

Thank you.

By Ekenenna Chukwuewuzie