The Loreto Virtual Camino Dé Santiago Challenge


The Loreto Virtual Camino Dé Santiago Challenge
is due to begin on Friday 8th October and finish on 22nd October

The challenge is open to students, staff, parents, and all members of the Loreto Community.

It is hoped that this challenge will offer the opportunity for reflection, and hopefully will bring a sense of community to all participating Loreto schools. The emphasis will be on participation, and sharing a journey together.

You can walk or run the distance, 771.4km as part of a team.

How much does it cost?

It will cost €3 per person to enter.
You can pay this to either Ms. Dillon or your Year Head. You can also pay on the school app. If you pay on the app you must still register your name and class with either your year head or Ms. Dillon.

How do I enter?

Students- Give your name and class and €3 to your Year Head or Ms. Dillon.
Staff – Give your name and €3 to Ms. Dillon.
Parents – Give your name and €3 to Ms. Cullen

Closing date for entries is Tuesday 5th October 2021

Check out this event on Twitter on the Loreto Sports twitter page (@Loretosport1)

What app will we be using to track our progress:

We will be using an app called My Virtual Mission again this year. Each individual will need to download this app to their phone. See to find out more. We will send step by step instructions for this part of the registration process, once your entries have been submitted.

There will also be prizes for this event. Details to follow.