Student Council Constitution


Name: Student Representative Council, Loreto College, Crumlin 

(The use of the term ‘Council’ in parts of this document refers to ‘Student Representative Council’) 


Aims and Objectives 

  • Purpose of the Student Representative Council:
  • To give students a voice in matters which affect them
  • To provide a channel of communication between the student body, the management, staff and Parents’ Association of the school
  • To work in partnership with the Board of Management, Principal, Deputy Principal and staff in developing school policies
  • To take an active role in the development of Loreto College, Crumlin for the benefit of the whole school community
  • To obtain knowledge of how policy is made and how organisations work
  • To establish links with the wider community
  • To learn skills such as teamwork, negotiation, problem solving, engaging with adults as partners
  • To plan a programme of activities to support the educational environment within the school 


ARTICLE 2 Membership

  • The Student Representative Council will consist of eighteen members
  • Three representatives will be elected from each of the six year groups within the school
  • A Student Representative Council liaison teacher will guide and assist the Council in its work and will liaise with staff 


ARTICLE 3 Election Procedures

  • Election of Council members will be held in May each year and those elected will serve a term of one and a half years
  • 1st Year representatives will be elected to the Student Representative Council in November of their first year in the school
  • Each student in the school will have the right to be nominated
  • Each nominee will be proposed and seconded by two students from her year group
  • Class tutors will sign nomination forms
  • Lists of the candidates will be displayed in advance of the election
  • The election will be conducted by secret ballot
  • Students will vote for three nominees from within their respective year groups
  • Candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected
  • Term of office will extend from September to May of each school year 





  • Student representatives will be nominated and elected to the following offices: Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary (2), PRO (2) and Treasurer
  • Powers and duties attaching to each office will be outlined in the Student Representative Council Guide. [See Article 5: Duties of Officers]
  • A member of the teaching staff will act in a liaising role between the Student Representative Council and the Principal and staff and will report back to staff at staff meetings. The liaising teacher will offer advice and support and will facilitate training for the members of the Student Representative Council. The liaising teacher will also assist the Council in the organisation of elections to the Council
  • All Council members will be elected representatives and will have the responsibility to use their voice for the good of the school
  • The Principal shall be the final arbiter in all decisions relating to the Student Representative Council 


Removal from Office

  • A member may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Council members. Reasons for this may be poor attendance at Council meetings, failure to perform required duties or failure to follow school rules
  • When a representative fails to attend three meetings having offered no apology or reasonable excuse, she will be given a minimum of one week’s notice of the proposal to remove her from office and she will be allowed to address the Council. The removal of a member from the Council must be voted upon by at least two thirds of the Council membership 



  • The Student Representative Council reserves the right to form committees as required 



  • All Council members are expected to attend all meetings
  • The Liaison Teacher must be present at each meeting
  • Meetings will take place fortnightly, usually at lunchtime and occasionally at the end of the school day
  • An agenda will be drawn up in advance of each meeting and submitted to the Liaison Teacher not less than one week before the proposed date for the meeting. Subject to approval by the Liaison Teacher, the agenda will be posted on the Student Council notice board at least two days before the meeting is due to be held
  • Items may be added to the agenda at the beginning of the meeting by a majority vote of members
  • An attendance record will be kept and minutes taken
  • All discussions must take place through the chair and all members will get an equal say
  • All decisions must be voted on
  • A vote on any issue can only take place when a quorum (half of Council membership plus one) is present
  • The representatives are encouraged to discuss the agenda before each Council meeting and to provide feedback to the year group after the meeting has been held
  • All issues raised at Council meetings must be treated with respect and confidentiality. No individual student or member of staff may be discussed at meetings by members of the Council 



This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the Student Representative Council members. Amendments are subject to approval by the Board of Management 



Duties of officers 


  • Convenes meetings
  • Chairs meetings ensuring all have an equal say
  • Signs minutes and correspondence
  • Liaises with staff and Principal
  • Prepares agenda with the Vice-Chairperson and Secretary 



  • Chairs meetings in the absence of the Chairperson
  • Assists the Chairperson in matters relating to the Council
  • Accompanies the Chairperson to meetings where possible Secretary:
  • Prepares the agenda for each meeting in conjunction with Chairperson
  • Displays agenda on notice board
  • Records minutes of meetings
  • Reads minutes from previous meeting
  • Sends out letters and notices 


Public Relations Officer:

Keeps students informed about the activities of the Council

Keeps notice boards updated 



  • Manages any funds raised by the Student Council
  • Keeps money in an account with agreement of Principal and the Board of Management
  • Keeps proper financial records and reports to the Council
  • Provides a full financial report at the end of the school year for submission to the Board of Management 


Student Council Members:

  • Represent the views and ideas of their class and put issues raised by their class on the agenda
  • Inform their class/year group about Student Council meetings
  • Report back to that class/year group at an appropriate time
  • Work with other members, school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students