Stand up to Homophobic Bullying

On Friday 17th November, Loreto College marked “Stand Up Week” by having our very own “Stand Up” Day.

The event, which was organised by the Ember Team and Ms. Greham allowed everyone in the school to show solidarity with our friends and colleagues in the LGBTI community and show that we do not tolerate any sort of homophobic bullying in our school.

During the morning, the Ember team based a beautiful morning prayer around the theme of homophobic bullying explaining the symbolism of the seven colours of the Rainbow flag.  They also lit seven candles to represent the values of each colour.

Homophobic bullying was a major theme of R.E. classes for the duration of Stand Up Week.  The Ember team painted rainbow flags on student’s faces and handed out rainbow pins for school jumpers.  Ms. Ryan and Ms. Greene made colourful rainbow chains around the school.

The staff showed their support by donning colours of the rainbow for the special day.

If you want more information on the Stand Up Campaign, visit