Science Week 2021

By Zahra Benyala
This year’s Science Week took place from the 8th-12th of November. The exciting week began with an announcement over the intercom, followed by various activities throughout the week.

Junior and Senior science classes were shown Online UCD Science Lectures. The Junior students were shown a lecture on ‘Introduction to Elements’ found in the Earth. The Senior science classes watched various lectures such as Elements and Nutrition in the Human Body, Enzymes in Medicine, and Reactions in Organic Chemistry. These lectures were greatly beneficial as they gave students a taste of studying science at third level.

Students also learned about the life and contributions of female scientists such as Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale and Rosalind Franklin. Senior students watched “Radioactive”, a documentary based on the life of Marie Curie, a world-renowned scientist who made significant discoveries in the area of Radioactivity.

There was also a new animated periodic table placed on the wall outside Room 14, which clearly illustrates each element in a fun and exciting way, so make sure to take a look as you’re passing by.