The Real Heroes in our Lives

The Transition Year students of Loreto College, Crumlin Road organised a very special event for those people who are most admired and cherished in their community.

The event themed “Looking Back on Our Past to Inspire Our Future” brought generations of families together as the 4th year girls paid tribute to the true heroes in their lives.

The brainchild of Year Head and Art teacher Suzanne Byrne, students were challenged back in September to get in touch with values that really matter; the values that their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles may have held. The girls had to look for the hero in their lives who inspired them and not obsess so much with celebrity culture, nails, lashes, selfies, phones, Facebook, Snapchat and constant buzzing and screen-watching.

At home the girls started a conversation with older members of their families, to find out what life was like before all the distractions that they face daily. They had to find someone who faced challenges and managed to overcome them. Someone who showed courage and strength. Someone who showed kindness and took time out to help a friend in need.

The event held on May 3rd saw the girls invite these heroes of their lives to the school, sit down with them over afternoon tea and show their guest how proud they are of them and inspirational they are. It was evident that throughout the year, students had developed a greater sense of self, a sense of belonging and a real connection with their own roots and culture.

Speaking to the audience, Ms. Byrne paid tribute to the heroes of our communities present. She quoted an old Native American saying that “It takes a village to raise a child… Our community includes our homes, our schools, our churches, businesses. It is nothing without strong people that lead by example, who make positive contributions to young peoples’ lives.” She thanked the “Heroes” present for inspiring and making a difference in young women’s hearts.