New Picnic Tables

We were delighted to welcome a visit from Ken, Paddy and Joe from Dublin 12 Men’s Shed on Wednesday, 18th September. These great men gave generously of their time and great talent to make our wonderful new picnic tables which you can view below.

They are pictured above with Ms. Dillon and the student council of 2018- 2019 whose idea it was to get the tables in the first place. We are grateful to the Loreto order for contributing to the funding of the tables which make great social gatherings possible on good weather days.

Ken, Paddy and Joe also have some great ideas for future works in our school, so watch this space.

Here’s our story on the Picnic tables from earlier this year.

It’s Springtime, the weather is getting…better, the evenings are brighter and we’re spending more time outside. It’s all good for our wellbeing.

Our Student Council wanted to make the most of this time of year. They put forward the idea of getting some picnic tables for our grounds so that girls can talk and laugh with their friends at lunchtime in the glow of a sunny day.

With funding from The Loreto Trust and the skilled craftsmanship of Dublin 12 Men’s Shed, we have a set of lovely new tables where everyone can take a moment and share time with lovely people.

What could be nicer. Have a look below.