Maths Week and the Science of Water

Third Years testing the water in the Grand Canal.Loreto College Crumlin Road Science classes were delighted to be part of Ireland’s first WaterBlitz. Dublin City University (DCU) teamed up with EarthWatch to carry out “Citizen Science” on water in rivers, streams, ponds etc.

On Friday September 20th 3rd Year science students participated in the testing of water in the nearby Grand Canal. They tested the water for the presence of Phosphates and Nitrates. There was also an opportunity for Transition Year students to get involved in WaterBlitz.

You can read more about this initiate on twitter @FreshWaterWatch or Thanks to Ms Murphy and Mr Lenehan for all of the
wonderful learning experiences.

Maths Week was full of numerical fun from 14th-18th October. On Monday at the start of maths week the first years took part in a logic puzzle quiz. Each student was part of a team and tried to solve 4 different puzzles in four minutes. Puzzles were completed at 12 stations, with students moving every four minutes. Well
done to all those who participated.

2nd Year Maths Challenge in the Dining HallSecond years took note of all the maths that are part of their everyday world in a “Maths Eyes” challenge. Meanwhile, A group of 5th year students attended a maths week lecture in Hamilton building, Trinity College on Wednesday. Popular mathemagician, Andrew Jeffrey, gave the lecture which included lots of interactive maths tricks, visual tricks, and shapes tricks with numbers etc. with an emphasis on motivating students and building confidence. Topics included your chances of winning the euromiillions! Ask some of the 5th year students, perhaps not a good gamble. Thanks to Ms Rowan, Ms Hynds and Ms Murphy.