Students studying in our school library.

The school library is located in Room 40 and is open at break and lunchtime. The main aim of the library is to encourage and foster a love of reading and books and to improve literacy levels amongst the students.

Our library has a wide range of books, including the current, most popular books. Students are encouraged to make their own suggestions for new books that we currently don’t have.

Our “cosy corner”- a lovely comfy area with couches and bean bags – is very popular with students and creates a really relaxing atmosphere.

All our first, second and third year students are engaging in the Accelerated Reader Programme. This monitors and manages students’ independent reading and motivates them to read for pleasure. It is an invaluable initiative aimed at improving literacy rates among all students. Our students read during their weekly Accelerated Reader class. They are also encouraged to read their Accelerated Reader books when they have completed their classwork or finished their exam early.

The library is a valuable resource for our school, so it’s wonderful to see more and more students using it on a regular basis, for reading, research and study in a calm and quiet atmosphere.