Letter from Ms. Murphy

Dear Parent/Guardian and Student,

I hope that this message finds you and your family well.  Staff and students of the school have worked really hard over the last week to adapt to a new way of working.  We got very little notice that the schools were closing and no preparation time.  Yet in the space of 6 working days, e-mails have been set up for all students, and staff have embraced technology using Microsoft teams, e-mail, and Google Classroom to ensure that distance learning can take place.  Everyone is trying their best to make sure that your daughter continues learning while the school is closed.  The Department of Education has asked that priority be given to 6th years, as they face into the Leaving Certificate in June.

To this end, we need your support.   Please make sure that your daughter is checking in with her teachers.   Many teachers have reported that some of the students have not made contact.  Please remind your daughter to check in with her teachers.   If there are problems with e-mail addresses or access to technology let us know.  Likewise, if there is anything else that you may need support with, let us know and we will do our best to support you and your family at this time.

Some useful contact details: 

Ms. Dillon – Home School Community Liaison Teacher – Phone:  O87 1624105

Mr. Howard- Learning Support Teacher-phoward@loretocrumlin.ie

Ms. Clifford- Guidance Counsellor- cclifford@loretocrumlin.ie

Mr Wall- IT coordinator- any problems with e-mail addresses,  contact him- bwall@loretocrumlin.ie

Ms. Hayes- English as an Additional Language Teacher – mhayes@loretocrumlin.ie

Ms Murphy- Principal – principal@loretocrumlin.ie

Mr Whelan- Deputy Principal- mwhelan@loretocrumlin.ie

Kind regards,

Ms. Murphy

Access your textbook online

Some publishers have allowed students access digital versions of their textbooks online during the current school closures. We will place any links that publishers send us here.


If you download the http://www.Educate.ie app to your computer, all of their ebooks are available free to access. If we receive more information about login details or codes to use, we will post them here.


Dear Teachers/Parents/Students
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Primary school resources: Prim20
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In support of students, teachers & parents during this challenging time, simply login to http://edcolearning.ie with any of the following username & password combinations to gain FREE access to our e-books & digital resources. #remotelearning #edchatie