Legally Blonde – TY Musical 2019

One of the highlights of our Transition Year Programme is the annual stage musical. The 2018-2019 TY class ensured that “Legally Blonde” was also a highlight of the whole school’s year.

With amazing energy, beautiful singing, dynamic choreography and more pink than Barbie’s Dream House, the 4th years entertained sold out performances at the end of January.

They told the story of Elle Woods (Emily O’Neill), on the cusp of being engaged to her Harvard bound boyfriend, Warner Huntington III (Angel Mikailu). The problem for Elle is that Warner wants someone “Serious” and he shocks Elle at their proposal dinner, by breaking up instead.

So Elle needed a plan with the help of her Delta Nu sorority friends: Serena (Lizi Trapaidze), Margot (Mia Martin) and Pilar (Vanessa O’Connor). With the help of Kate (Alecsandra Cortez), they decided that Elle had to get into Harvard to prove to Warner how seriously in love with him she really was.

Getting into Harvard was one thing, but settling in proved much more difficult for Elle. She and her pet chihuahua Bruiser (Coco R.I.P.) quickly found that her law lecturer Professor Callahan (Eva Anino) and classmates such as Vivienne (Chloe Pingol) and Enid (Lei Mabeza) weren’t ready for Elle’s signature colour, or her perspective on law.

Thankfully, she did have friends in the form of her beauty therapist Paulette (Jennifer Idiahoke) and law graduate Emmet Forrest (Ifunanya Chukwuewuzie). This trio succeeded in getting Elle thinking more like a lawyer, and helped Paulette recover her dog Rufus and learn how to charm the new delivery boy, Kyle (Tom Brunel).

Elle needed an opportunity to impress Warner. This opportunity came when she was selected on the legal team to try to defend fitness queen Brooke Wyndham (Megan King) on a murder trial. It was during this trial that Brooke realised what she really wanted in life and everyone in Harvard learned that Elle had plenty to teach them.

Here are some more images from Legally Blonde. Enjoy