Healthy Eating

In Loreto College, we encourage all students to eat healthy foods and get active to promote a positive lifestyle for both mind and body.  Healthy eating contributes to a positive teaching and learning environment where students can concentrate in class and work well in groups to achieve desired learning outcomes.

To promote this, we provide healthy lunches in school daily which are available at a subsidised price.  Lunch tickets can be purchased at small break in the Dining Hall and then used at lunchtime to receive hot food, soups, sandwiches and rolls.

Students are of course free to bring their own lunches to school.  In the interests of promoting a healthy eating environment, we require everyone to ensure that the food they bring in has nutritious value and is not high in sugar or salt content.

With this in mind, the following foods are NOT ALLOWED in Loreto College, Crumlin Road:

  • Crisps
  • Fizzy soft drinks (e.g. Coke, Sprite, Lucozade*, Fanta, etc)
  • High sugar energy drinks (e.g. Red Bull, Monster, etc.,
  • Chocolate

 Any student found with any such foods in their possession will have these foods confiscated and not returned under any circumstance.

*Diabetic students may bring Lucozade to school and leave it in the Deputy Principal’s office in case they need it during the day.


Please ensure that NO NUT PRODUCTS are brought into any part of Loreto College.  This includes, for example, biscuits that contain nuts, Nutella, granola bars, nougat products, etc.