Geography Field Trips

First-year students went on a Geography expedition to Howth on April 19th to get a taste of Dublin’s rugged coastline and appreciate its features.

The 72 students, accompanied by their Geography teachers traveled by bus and Dart to the north Dublin peninsula.  As part of their tour, they walked both the east and west piers, did a land use survey, saw the marina and the trawlers docked there.

It wasn’t all work, though, there was time for a picnic too.  The weather kindly obliged in making the day a terrific success.

Meanwhile, On Thursday 5th May, all 2nd years visited Dunmore caves in Co Kilkenny with their geography teachers. They descended over 700 steps beneath the ground to view the magnificent Stalagmites, stalactites, and pillars formed from calcite.


2nd Yr students at Dunmore Caves
2nd Year Students making the long descent into Dunmore Caves.