Gender Inequality Week

Centred around International Women’s Day on March 8th, the Transition Year Dev Ed class, with the help of Ms. Walsh and Ms. Greham organised a number of events focussing on the issue of Gender Inequality.

Each morning of the week, Ms. Colhoun and Ms. Greham led the morning prayer highlighting a different issue in the area of Gender Inequality.  The front hall was decorated with collages and displays which brought student’s attention to different issues like Pay differentiation, maternity and paternity leave and inspirational women, both past and present.


On Tuesday March 7th, a group of TY students went to Loreto St. Stephen’s Green where students from many Loreto schools gathered for an event on Human trafficking.


The most lively and symbolic part of the week was on International Women’s Day itself.  Second Year students had a session with the 4th Year DevEd class on “Women in Work” and “The Limitations of Women in Society” during their Geography classes.


The highlight of this day however was at break time when the 4th years gave out handmade pink wristbands, flew festive pink balloons and painted hands and faces of students from all years with the female gender symbol.

The whole week raised the issue of Gender Inequality in an eye opening and inspiring way and huge credit goes to Ms. Walsh and her Transition Year Class on all their awareness raising.

“Women in time to come will do much” Mary Ward famously said.  During Gender Inequality Week, much was indeed done by the women in our school.