February Exam & Mock Exam Timetables

Examinations instructions for students.

All students:

You must leave your bags at the top of the class. You may only have the requirements for the exam in progress with you, AND a book to study for the next exam. You may have a book for reading for pleasure following your final exam on the final day.

When you have finished your exam, look back over the paper, checking your spelling and grammar and, making sure you have answered all questions. If you have extra time, try answering another question as a safeguard.

When you have finished your exam, you must turn the paper over and take out a study book. The examination papers will not be collected before the end of the exam.

No going in and out to the toilet is permitted as this disrupts the exams for everyone in the room. If you need to go to the toilet urgently, you must hand up your mobile phone to the exam supervisor before leaving the room. You must get your journal signed.

No borrowing. You should have everything you need for the exam.