An image of our school grounds in blossom.Teachers in Loreto College Crumlin Road encourage the highest academic standards and accommodates students of all abilities.

Junior Cycle

The following subjects are studied in the Junior Cycle:

Religious Education, English, Irish, Maths, History, Geography, French, Music, Business, Art Craft & Design, Home Economics, Science, Civic Social & Political Education, Social Personal & Health Education and P.E.

Junior Cert Schools Programme:

The JCSP is based on the concept that all young people are capable of real success in school and that they can have a positive experience of school.

Transition Year

The Transition Year offers a wide-ranging and highly successful programme. It is available as an option. During this year, students experience a broad curriculum which includes the opportunity for certification in the ECDL, work experience, participation in the school musical and a variety of new subjects.

Senior Cycle

In the Senior Cycle all students study: (a) Religious Education, English, Irish, Maths and SPHE and four of the following: (b) History, Geography, French, Music, Business, Art, Home Economics (Social & Scientific), Physics, Chemistry or Biology. (Possible combinations of subjects offered at (b) above may vary from year to year according to demand). Religious Education may be taken as an Exam subject. In addition to the Traditional Leaving Certificate, we also offer the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme.

Leaving Cert Applied

The school also offers the Leaving Cert Applied programme in which students study English, Irish, Maths, French, Hotel & Catering, Art (Craft & Design), Social Education, Hair & Beauty, Religion, Leisure & Recreation, Vocational Preparation and Guidance.