College Awareness Week 2020

This Week is College Awareness Week across Ireland. 

Teachers’ qualifications and colleges they attended have been posted on classroom doors so that students can see the paths to employment that their teachers made. Students are encouraged to ask about courses or colleges they might be interested in. Mr. Lenehan has been working with his Second Years about what their dream job is and how they go about getting there.

Tuesday at 10-11am there is a College Connections Webinar being organised for all 6th years

Panellists include an Irish Traveller, a mature student and an asylum seeker as well as students who progressed to higher education with a further education qualification and students who entered higher education through the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) and the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE).  

Wednesday morning 10am-11am, Inchicore College are doing a Zoom for all LCA students and some students in 6th year who want to do PLCs.

Wednesday afternoon at 2.20 Jade Wilson, graduate of 2017 is hosting a talk for students who are interested in an Arts Degree and Journalism. 

5th and 6th years will also watch a video showing past pupils such as Ciara Mullins, Holly Keating, Taylor Smith and Erica Byrne and others talk about their courses and experiences applying for college as well as life in their chosen colleges. (Link to this found below).

On Thursday: Mr. Larkin has organised Street Law will be on this day. They will work with 18 TYs from 1.40-2.20. This gives them a taste of what a career in Law would be like. 

Friday: We are hoping to have TAP (Trinity Access Programme) in to start their mentoring with all the TYs. The time is to be confirmed by TAP.

There will be more updates from Ms. Walsh during the week.