Back to School

Here are the return to school dates and times for all students.

Friday 27th August


1st year Induction – Group A        9.00 – 1.00

6th years Return – Assembly         1.00-2.30  


Monday 30th August 


1st year Induction – Group B        9.00 – 1.00

3rd years Return –  Assembly       10.00 -11.30 

5th  years Return – Assembly       1.00-2.30  


Tuesday 31st August


1st year Induction – Group C        9.00 – 1.00

TYs Return            –  Assembly      10.00-11.30 

2nd  years Return –  Assembly      1.00 – 2.30 


Further information on the induction dates for first year students has been sent via personal notification on the school app.

Click here to find information on what 1st year students require for this year.

Click here to see the 5th year booklist.

Click here to view the school calendar for 2021-2022