3rd Year Parent Teacher Meeting

Here are the details for Tuesday’s online Parent-Teacher Meetings. They will take place between 4:15-6:45 on Tuesday, 16th November.

To register for the meeting, you need to click on this link:



The school roll number is 60800V
VS Ware Login: this is on the sticker that was given to each student by Ms. Cullen.

Once you have logged in
Select the teachers you need to see by order of preference.
For example, the teacher you most need to see should be 1, and so on.
NOT all students will get to see ALL teachers
This will particularly apply if the class is very big or if a teacher teaches two subjects.
Save your preferences and Exit

What happens if I don’t get to see a particular teacher?

The system is not a lottery, but it does prioritise Number 1 choices.
Teachers are very happy to have a phone conversation with any parent/guardian whom they do not get to meet online on an agreed date and time after this meeting.
Students are advised to prioritise the subjects where they know they need to improve, or the subjects they find most difficult. These are the teachers that it would be best for students and parents to meet.

The booking portal & the meetings.
The booking portal is open until Friday, 12th November at 12pm.
Click here to login to the portal.
Students MUST accompany parents/guardians to the meetings
We request that the camera of the device you are attending the meetings on must be switched ON, and both you and your parent/guardian in view.
We request that students are there with parents at all times to assist them in logging in to the meetings with teachers on Monday.

How do I dial into the meetings?
Each teacher will have set up a NEW TEAM JUST FOR THE PARENT TEACHER MEETING.

Each student who has an appointment with that teacher will be added to the new TEAM.

Each teacher will set up a TEAMS MEETING for the day and date of the parent teacher meeting.

Each meeting will have the LOBBY function enabled.

You will DIAL IN to each individual teacher’s meeting, one after the other, using the link on the NEW TEAMS PAGE, as per your ROTA.

You will be admitted to the meeting at your allotted appointment time.

What If parents/guardians cannot make the meeting?

If a parent or guardian cannot attend the meeting, the student MUST let Ms. Cullen or Alison know so that the meeting can be removed from the system.
It is the student’s responsibility to make alternative arrangements for parents/guardians to talk to your teachers via other means, such as phone calls.

Five Minute Meetings
This system ONLY WORKS if the appointment times are kept to 5 minutes.
Teachers will be sticking rigidly to the 5 minute slot.
The extra five minutes after each slot is required to navigate to the next new PTM Team, log on and get into the lobby of the next meeting.
Please do not expect any teacher to make an exception to the 5 minute slot.
If more time is required than 5 minutes, your teacher will say that they will be in contact to continue the conversation.

Quick Recap

Log on to https://ptmorg.com/index.php
Use the School Roll Number 60800V and your VS ware ID to log in
Number your teacher preferences, save and exit
Wait to be told that your rota is ready to be viewed. You will also receive a paper copy of your rota. You will be added to a new PTM TEAM
Following your rota, use the meeting links in these new Teams to access each teacher’s meeting
Wait in the lobby of each meeting until you are admitted
Stick to the 5 minutes

If students have any further questions, please see Ms. Cullen.