2019 – Khrissian Joi Neuda

2019 – Khrissian Joi Neuda

Class of 2019


Favourite Subject in School:

Art and Maths


Memories of Loreto Crumlin:

When we were close to getting hypothermia in Transition Year. We were walking back to our hostel barefoot and soaked after swimming in the freezing sea during our Aran Islands trip.


My Journey Through Education:

After Loreto College Crumlin I got into BSc. Computer Applications and Software Engineering at DCU. I am now on my third year of studying and looking forward to my internship as a Software Engineer at HubSpot during the Spring of 2020.


My Career Path:

Since the world of computer science is extremely broad, I am torn between becoming an Artificial Intelligence Developer or a Data Engineer after completing my degree.