2007 – Jennifer Costelloe

2007 – Jennifer Costelloe

Class of – 2007


My favourite subjects:

well, there were a few! But my most favourites were science, art, history, geography.


Memories of Loreto college:

Amazing memories of this school. I always had a great time from the laughs with Ms Murphy in art and Ms Dempsey in history. But most of all the debates were second to none the best crack between the students and teachers iv a fair few trophies for “best speaker” I’m sure a lot of my past teachers can understand why!


My journey through education:

well after my leaving cert I was immediately catapulted into work-life! I was always ambitious and ready to learn. I started out a hair salon in 2007. I was trained in all aspects of hairdressing so from there I went back to Crumlin College to advanced hairdressing also done a colour course with Wella.


My career path:

well it’s quite simple for me as when I left school in 2007 I started working at hairdressing … then I went into barbering and also hairpieces/wigs .. I’m still at the same salon since 2007 to this present day so just furthering myself in my career with the goal of having my own salon in the near future

If you want it .. work for it girls!