Farewell to the Class of 2020

On May 20th, we said a sad farewell, in a unique way to the graduating class of 2020. 

Across Dublin, our 6th year students, staff and invited guests logged into Zoom to watch and take part in the first ever Loreto Crumlin graduation that took place online.

Masterminded by their Year Head Ms. Casey and ably steered by Ms. Ryan, this beautiful ceremony featured prayer, speeches, a candle ceremony and a slideshow full of memories.  Each student received a “Little Bag of Happiness” delivered to their door by the religion department which featured an array of symbols, among which included an elastic band to remind students to always be flexible, a colouring pencil to remind them that they make each day bright and colourful, and a tea bag…because tea makes everything better.

In her final speech as Year Head to the girls, Ms. Casey said “Ladies, you are a group of inherently kind, thoughtful and passionate girls. Your laughter and sense of humour has raised all of our spirits on many occasions over the years…Class of 2020, we wish you every success in your future. In all aspects of your life. You are the architects of our future. This your time, build us a better world.”

A full transcript of Ms. Casey’s speech is available here.

5th year students celebrating in Tralee