Bridge 21 – What a week

From the 10th-13th November, a group of TY students; Zofia Radon, Khadija Kashif, Pia Porras, Abigail Manahan, Salma Magbri, China Manalo, Virbi Kaalep, Paige Moore, Kimberley Kelly, Zoe  Dempsey, Katie Curtis and Taylor Kelly joined the Bridge21 Programme hosted by Kate, Fiona and Warren from the Bridge 21 Team. 

What did the girls get up to?  Zoe, Virbi, China and Pia outline what they did here.

On the 10th of November we began our exciting programme called Bridge21.  Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions the programme was held on Zoom.

We were put into three groups of 3 or 4 people and we got to choose our own team names.  In doing the work, we had the main chat and a breakout room for when we did our work in teams.  Every morning when we joined, we played the Dinosaur Game and other icebreaker games to get to know each other better.  On the second day, we had to make a futuristic product and promote it.  Our group made a space hotel called Destination Space Vacation, another group did flash-food where you can make any food in a microwave and the third group did more realistic virtual reality or VR.

We created radio segments, ads, posters, videos using LOOM, PowerPoint and presentations online.  We organised events and learned key skills such as the proper way to email and other technical skills/techniques to use in online work or projects.  The course really helped us hone our computer, leadership, and management skills.

On the Thursday we learned how to organize events in a team, with time pressure. We had to come up with an event in our school and had to gather money to donate to a charity.  We all had to email fake shop managers and school staff.  It was stressful, but fun.

On the last day we asked the mentors questions on college and they gave us as much knowledge as they had. We talked about college life and how to choose subjects.  By the end of the week we gained many new skills and had an amazing time. 

The girls will have a second week with the Bridge 21 team in early 2021.